The Syrian Crisis

So it looks like the US is about to ”bring democracy” to another (Muslim) country all in the name of altruism and good ol’ American-style democracy. On the grounds that government forces used banned chemical weapons on its own people.

But what CNN, Fox News and others are not saying is that reports are seeping out that in fact it was the rebels, loosely known as the FSA (Free Syrian Army) that are responsible and that the victims were mainly non-combatants (aka the usual – women, children and the elderly – basically anyone but the enemy). Why they would want to target the innocent and not Bashar Al-Assad’s powerful government forces is unclear, but the latest news suggests it may have been an accident. So the basis for bombing Assad is…what…at this point in time?

With Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States had many reasons to invade, but none of them had anything to do with freeing the oppressed – or installing democratic governments. If freeing the oppressed from a brutal regime was even on the list it was at or near the bottom. You could narrow down the reasons for invading them as simply to control them. Control the local governments and you control its people and resources. Those two countries were indeed under the rule of ugly, oppressive regimes (and no one misses them), but it all boils down to the fact that both countries had resources the US wanted to prop up their ongoing plan for world domination and were willing to publicly topple their governments for them – namely oil (Iraq) and opium (Afghanistan). Keep in mind that it is widely believed (if not already proven) that both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were CIA operatives.

With Syria, it seems like the type of intervention will be similar to their intervention in Libya – almost certainly no troops on the ground, but they will attack Assad’s forces using drones, fighter jets and Tomahawk missiles from the comfort of their offshore destroyers and their bases in Turkey and the UK’s base in Cyprus. The US government is increasingly aware that Americans are getting more and more weary of non-stop war and they desperately need the voters’ backing to further their goals. Hence they sent in Monsanto’s mercenary wing Xe (formerly Blackwater) months ago to whip the FSA into a solid fighting force.

Syria has historically been much more in the Russian sphere of influence, than the European/American one, which doesn’t sit very well with Turkey to the north or Israel to the south and both Russia and China will be very unhappy if they attempt to topple Assad who happens to be a very good ‘friend’ of theirs (i.e. he buys shed-loads of military equipment from them both).

Another aspect to this crisis is that Syria has another staunch ally in Iran. Iran being another country on America’s (s)hit-list for some years now means that there are two ‘unfriendly’ states crouched around America’s oil, ahh, THE oil, and they want a nice tame client regime installed there giving them a nice friendly corridor to the Mediterranean from to the Gulf as Iraq now merely a ‘client state’ (a phrase the Romans used for a government they ‘bought’ to ensure compliance). Jordan is another docile client state and Lebanon is relatively calm and friendly. Removing Assad also removes Syria from Iran’s short list of allies, further isolating them in the region and leaving them last on the list of states to pacify.

Growing up I always used to joke about America and the UK needing to start a war every few years as their munitions were nearing their best before date, but as an adult I can see much better between the lines and realize that the other major powers – and I mean the really militarily powerful ones like Russia and China (France and Britain being very much second tier world powers militarily whether they like to accept it or not) have not been involved in significant wars in decades, while the US is without a doubt on a quest to subdue the entire world, either through direct military intervention, coup d’états or clandestine desolation of smaller local economies followed by the installation of governments sympathetic to the IMF and World Trade Bank etc. (their financial blitzkrieg-meisters).

American voters and tax-payers would also do well to ask why their government is backing a rebellion that is mostly made up of Islamic fundamentalists that once in power would install sharia law as the basis of their state. US citizens are sadly ill-informed about what their government is doing around the world, but they still very much feel the IRS’ groping hand grubbing around in their pockets, looking for more money to fund black ops, dirty and outright wars, not to mention lining the pockets of the super-rich, the so-called 1%.

So Obama (like the Bush oligarchy before him) and all the greedy, money-loving plutocrats behind him are banging the war drums again as it’s good for business – more tanks will be made and bought, more bullets, shells, missiles, grenades, jets to keep the United State’s always hungry military-industrial complex ticking over until the next target presents itself i.e. dares to take a stand against American business ‘interests’. Once Assad is toppled, Halliburton and Bechtel will descend on poor Syria and rebuild it while serving the bill up to the Syrian people for decades to come.

And so it goes. Over and over again.

So hopefully, Congress will ‘call bullshit’ and Obama will have to reign in the dogs of war just as the House of Commons in the UK did to their lap-dog David Cameron.

Sense has to prevail sometime doesn’t it? Yeah right.