About Me

About Me pages should be brief and witty. I can be witty, somber, introspective but rarely brief.  I usually suffer from textual and (after a few brews) verbal diarrhea, so be warned.

I’m Daragh Moriarty –  from Dublin. Cinema, photography, music, reading are things that peel my, uh, banana.

Never a good student, I managed to get a degree in 1996 in Italian from Trinity College Dublin (I also ‘minored’ in Archaeology). Due to my fluency in Italian, I promptly ‘fell into’ a very different area of work – IT Support for the Italian market – giving not a thought to career planning (I still don’t know what that is). Sixteen years later, I had had enough of being a corporate drone, so we moved to the US in 2012 as my wife’s career needed her there. So I chose to become – get this – a stay-at-home dad, minding our son. Frying pan into the fire…??

My plan during this time, was for me to discover  my next course of career. I decided I would want to try my hand at writing, having written a few (bits of) short stories and jotted down concepts for countless others. My reading and movie tastes are almost exclusively in the science-fiction, horror and fantasy genres (in that order). Every second book I read however is a factual book about a broad variety of things – atheism, evolution, astrophysics and world politics.

Most people who know me well know that my isolationist and procrastinatory powers are unparalleled – years have passed with nothing being written, so I thought that writing a blog might give me the discipline I needed to keep the words flowing.  My previous blogging foray – ‘Moriarty’s Mumblings’ (http://dazmoriarty.blogspot.com/) got canned shortly after it got started in early 2004, mainly as I was having too much fun travelling.

So here’s hoping this blog stays alive and people get something out of it.

Strength and honour.



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