About Me

About Me pages should be brief and witty. I can be witty, somber, introspective but rarely brief.  I usually suffer from textual and (after a few brews) verbal diarrhea, so be warned.

I’m Daragh Moriarty from Ireland.

Never a good student, I managed to get a degree in 1996 in Italian from Trinity College Dublin (I also ‘minored’ in Archaeology). Due to my fluency in Italian, I promptly ‘fell into’ a very different area of work – IT Support for the Italian market – giving not a thought to career planning (I still don’t know what that is). Sixteen years later, I had had enough of being a corporate drone, so we moved to the US in 2012 as my wife’s career needed her there. So I chose to become – get this – a stay-at-home dad, minding our son. Frying pan into the fire…??

My plan during this time, was for me to discover  my next course of career. I decided I would want to try my hand at writing, having written a few (bits of) short stories and jotted down concepts for countless others. My reading and movie tastes are almost exclusively in the science-fiction, horror and fantasy genres (in that order). Every second book I read however is a factual book about a broad variety of things – atheism, evolution, astrophysics and world politics.

Most people who know me well know that my isolationist and procrastinatory powers are unparalleled – years have passed with nothing being written, so I thought that writing a blog might give me the discipline I needed to keep the words flowing.  My previous blogging foray – ‘Moriarty’s Mumblings’ (http://dazmoriarty.blogspot.com/) got canned shortly after it got started in early 2004, mainly as I was having too much fun travelling.

So here’s hoping this blog stays alive and people get something out of it.

Strength and honour.



One thought on “About Me

  1. M.

    Many people gon through similar stories of discovering what is “their passion”, and I include myself there. I have also started working not knowing what I was doing and here I am, a bit further than the line, malabaring with different passions at different times. Sometimes the journey itself is to discover the path, and to push yourself hard enough to scape from procrastination.
    Brave of yours to share this, and thank you also for this!

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